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Sell Sacagawea Dollar

The US Mint minted the first Sacagawea dollar coins back on January 27, 2000, in honor of the Lemhi Shoshone woman, Sacagawea. She was the one who helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition achieve its chartered mission objectives in Louisiana Territory. The coin carries a copper core plated with manganese brass giving it its unmistakable golden hue. Learn more about where to sell Sacagawea dollar coins and the value of Sacagawea dollars in this blog.

Sacagawea Dollar Value – Las Vegas, NV

Before anything else, you must first find a place where to sell Sacagawea dollar coins. It should be a place where coin experts take their time in analyzing your coin’s condition. Although all Sacagawea coins are gold in color, they have no precious metals value. They are made of copper, zinc, brass, manganese, and nickel. Also, even if it is considerably worth $1, some of these coins may be worth more than the common coins. If the coin has no evidence of wear due to circulation, it is considered an uncirculated coin. When selling Sacagawea dollar coins, remember that coins that are circulated carry no numismatic premium.

Where to Sell Sacagawea Dollar Coins

Nevada Coin Mart is the best place to sell them if you want to sell Sacagawea dollar coins. Nevada Coin Mart has more than two decades of experience dealing with coins and bullion. Our expertise is unparalleled, and when you bring in your coins, we carefully evaluate your coins to ensure that you are getting the best offer.

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Brief History

Initially, the US Government introduced the Sacagawea dollar to replace the Susan B. Anthony dollar. Since its introduction in 1979, the US Mint continued to mint the Sacagawea dollar until the year 1989. Unfortunately, the coin was unpopular with the public. Thus, resulting in the cancellation of its minting. However, it was useful for mass transit and vending machine operators.

The coin’s design was originally supposed to be the Statue of Liberty; however, Sacagawea of the Shoshone tribe was eventually chosen. Sacagawea was famously known for aiding Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the Pacific ocean. Glenna Goodacre designed the coin’s obverse side features the portrait of Sacagawea and her child on her back. While Thomas D. Rogers designed its reverse side, and it features a flying eagle. If you plan to get a good deal on your coins, you might want to check out Nevada Coin Mart – the perfect place where to sell Sacagawea dollar coins. We are home to experts on historical coins, so you can be sure you’ll get a good deal from us. 

When the Sacagawea coin was released for circulation, the Mint was heavily promoted. They used several methods to promote the coin, such as radio, television, and print. The Mint also had partnerships with Walmart and Cheerios to help promote the coin. Despite the heavy marketing, the coin was not popular with the public. As a result, the coin’s production ceased in the second year. The U.S Mint continued coin production from 2007 until 2016, along with the U.S Presidential dollars. 

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