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One of the best ways to protect your cash against inflation is to store its value in silver coins. And since silver coins are more affordable than gold coins, many people use them to begin their bullion coin collection. However, if you already have many silver coins, now might be the time to get rid of them, so you earn some cash to grow and diversify your portfolio. All you need to do is pick out the ones you are ready to give up and sell those silver coins. But for this, you will have to find a reputable silver coin buyer like Nevada Coin Mart. NCM is home to professional silver coin dealers who understand the true value of silver coins. With their knowledge and experience in the field, you will get the best deals for your coins. Read on to learn more.

Sell Silver Coins

A silver coin is a piece of precious metal that is struck and formed into a coin. It is considered the oldest mass-produced form of coinage, with its first production tracing back to Greek times. With this historical value, silver coins are considered one of the most sought-after bullion collectibles for portfolio investment among many coins and other precious metals enthusiasts. 

Silver Coin Value 

Silver coins typically have a face value and are legal tender. One can use it to pay debt and taxes, and the issuing government guarantees this. However, the value of a silver coin is not based on its face value but rather primarily on its weight and silver content. Most silver coins today are 99.9% silver. So when you sell your silver coin, other factors come into play. Aside from the coin’s weight and purity, silver coin buyers will typically consider these factors when buying your silver coin:

  • The spot price of silver
  • Condition of coin
  • Year minted
  • Mintmark

Please note that the price of silver is volatile and changes by the minute. To learn more about the spot price of silver, click here: https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

Most Reputable Silver Coin Buyer in Las Vegas

Nevada Coin Mart is the largest silver coin buyer in Las Vegas and Henderson. Clark County licenses us to buy coins from the general public. We are a 12-time winner of the best of Las Vegas award by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. So rest assured when you sell your silver coin with us, you get the best offers. We also pay the most cash for your silver coins.

Where to Sell Silver Coin 

If you want to sell silver coins, Nevada Coin Mart is the place to be. To ensure that you get the best offer, we use an x-ray spectrometer to analyze your items. For more information, visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103, or call us up at 702-998-4000. We are open 365 times a year, from 9 am to 6 pm.  

Brief History

The first silver coins were struck in the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor in 600 BC. These coins were minted within the Lydian empire and were made from a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver called electrum. The idea of coinage—stamping chunks of metal with a specific weight quickly spread to neighboring regions like Aegina. 

The coins in the neighboring regions are also silver. Thus, the idea of coinage rapidly spread to the entire Mediterranean region thanks to trading. In addition to the silver coins, merchants also used bronze coins in the Mediterranean region. The bronze coins served as a small change. 

Moreover, the ancient Persians utilized silver coins between 612 and 330 BC. British pennies were also made of silver sometime before 1797. In ancient times, saving silver coins was one of the most common practices of storing one’s wealth. Later on, government mints produced silver bullion coins to sell to investors. These historical events made it possible for silver coins to be considered the most seasoned mass-delivered type of coinage. Today, many people invest in silver coins and sell them after a few months or years when the price of silver is high.

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