Sell Platinum Coin in Las Vegas & Henderson 

Although gold coins and silver coins are more common, platinum coins have also gained popularity among investors and collectors. Popular series such as the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf now come in platinum versions. 

Platinum is a metal element that is far less malleable than gold and silver. It is dense, ductile, and highly unreactive. The word “platinum” is derived from the Spanish term platino, meaning “little silver.” But, although the name suggests that the two metals are alike, they are actually far different from each other. One good example is its rarity. Platinum, unlike silver, is quite rare to find these days. It is actually 15-20 times scarcer than gold.

A platinum coin is a form of currency assigned with an international currency symbol under ISO 4217 of XPT.  contains a certain amount of platinum – a precious metal that carries most of the coin’s value.  


The coinage of platinum coins started in Spanish-colonized America. But, unlike gold and silver, platinum is hard to work with. This is why the Spaniards could not use it as material for currency as long as they hoped they would. 


The value of a platinum coin depends on different factors including the spot price of platinum and the coin’s condition, year, and mint mark. 

The defining attribute of a bullion coin is that its value depends on the mass and purity of its metal content rather than its value as money. Despite being nominally issued as a legal tender, a bullion coin’s value as money or currency is immensely lower than that of its value as a bullion coin. This is why when it comes to a platinum coin, it is important that sellers understand the spot price of platinum to avoid getting low offers. 

Aside from the metal’s spot price, buyers also consider a platinum coin’s rarity, as well as its condition. This is why collectors and investors who plan to sell their bullion coins should learn how to properly store their items. Buyers would pay different amounts depending on a lot of factors, so doing some research would definitely go a long way in terms of getting good money for a platinum coin. 

Best Place To Sell A Platinum Coin

At Nevada Coin Mart, we use noninvasive tests to see the mental content of a bullion item. If you want to sell your platinum coin for cash, you ought to bring your business to us instead of going to cheap pawn shops that perform tests that can damage your items permanently. Below is a list of some of the platinum coins we buy at Nevada Coin Mart:

  • Platinum American Eagle
  • Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf
  • Australian Platinum Koala
  • Isle of Man Noble
  • Chinese Platinum Panda
  • Other several series by the Russian Federation