Canadian Gold Maple Leaf


The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin or simply known as GML, is a gold bullion coin issued by the Canadian Government yearly since 1979, and the Royal Canadian Mint manufactures it.

The Gold Maple Leaf was Walter Ott’s original brainchild as another option to the South African Krugerrand. Ott had a vision for the Gold Maple Leaf to become Canada’s pride as the purest and most popular gold bullion coin in the world. The coins are made from 99.99% pure cold, meaning the coin is extremely vulnerable to damage when it is not packaged or handled properly. 


The Gold Maple Leaf’s design features Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse side with the mint year, face value, and the words ELIZABETH II on it. The obverse side was also designed by Walter Ott. A younger Queen, Elizabeth II, was depicted in the first mint of the Gold Maple Leaf. However, the design was changed in 1990 to show a more mature image of the Queen.

On the reverse side of the Gold Maple Leaf is the national symbol of Canada, the Maple Leaf. The Maple Leave is also the most recognized coin design in the world of bullion. The name CANADA is shown on the top, the numbers 9999 appear on the left and right sides of the coin, and the words FINE GOLD and the coin’s weight in ounces are on the bottom.


The Gold Maple Leaf is considered a legal tender, which means it can be used in payments of debts and taxes; it also has the face value of 50 Canadian dollars. However, when it comes to selling your Gold Maple Leaf, its value is dependent on four factors: spot price of gold, year minted, condition, and mintmark. Take note that the spot price of gold changes daily. The Gold Maple Leaf is, of course, made from 99.99% (24-karats) of pure gold and a standard weight of 1 troy ounce (31.10 grams).

These factors are also important in determining the price of Gold Maple Leaf coins:

  • Spot price of gold
  • Condition
  • Year
  • Mint Mark

There are other size denominations as well that include ​1⁄25 oz., ​1⁄20 oz., ​1⁄10 oz., ​1⁄4 oz., and ​1⁄2 oz. The coins have a corresponding face value of CAD$0.50, CAD$1, CAD$5, CAD$10, and CAD$20.

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