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The defining attribute of a bullion coin is that its value depends on the mass and purity of its metal content rather than its value as money. Despite being nominally issued as a legal tender, a gold coin’s value as money or currency is immensely lower than that of its value as a bullion coin.  

One of the most common metals used in bullion coins is gold. Gold coins are made virtually of pure gold. It is alloyed with other metals since gold is an extremely malleable element. The gold content in a gold coin is measured in karats – a traditional system that is based on fraction and is used to denote the fineness of gold. Such coins come in different sizes. Most countries would have unique coin designs that would remain constant per year, but there are certain gold coins that have different variations annually. 

Brief History

The use of gold coins dates back to the Bronze Age, but in modern history, it was the 1873 German Empire that made the use of gold coins popular.  However, in 1933, the majority of the world stopped producing gold coins as currency due to the gold standard brought about by the Great Depression. In the United States, Executive Order 6102 of 1933 disallowed the hoarding of gold. In recent years, gold coins are produced mainly to serve as bullion coins for investors and as commemorative coins that citizens and enthusiasts can collect. 


Gold coins are often produced in fractions of an ounce. The measurements typically include half ounce, quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce. These coins also carry a face value assigned by a government, and a gold coin’s face value would usually be minted on the coin itself. Doing so gives the coin a status of a legal tender, which therefore makes it recognized and accepted by merchants as forms of payment. 

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