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Generally, junk silver is any silver coin with no numismatic value but is in fair condition. It has no collectible value rather than the bullion value in its silver content. Customers often misconceive junk silver as scrap silver. Interestingly, “junk” refers to the coin’s value as collectible and its actual condition. In other words, junk silver is not necessarily scrap silver. It means that you can sell your junk silver coin for some cash. You just need to bring it to a reputable junk silver buyer like Nevada Coin Mart to do so successfully. The owner, Neil Sackmary, works with professional junk silver coin dealers who understand junk silver coins’ true value. Their knowledge can help you get good deals for your items. Read on if you want to learn more. 

Value of Junk Silver 

If you plan on selling your junk silver coin, it is only natural that you want to know how much it will sell for. This is because most junk silver coins are 35% to 90% silver. However, most US minted junk silver coins are 90% silver. And in general, junk silver buyers will base their prices on the current spot price of silver.

The majority of the US minted coins are 90% silver and will typically have a $1.00 face value and contain 22.2 grams or 0.715 troy ounces of 99.9% silver, and it will be 0.7234 troy ounces if it is uncirculated. Morgan and Peace dollars, however, contain more silver in terms of weight which is 0.7736 troy ounces or 24.06 grams. 

Equally important, the market value of a junk silver coin depends on the current spot price of silver. This is why if you wish to sell any silver coin in your possession, it is best to study the price trend of silver. Learn more about the spot price of junk silver here:

Best Junk Silver Buyer in Vegas

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Sell Junk Silver Coins

Buyers and sellers refer to the pre-1965 silver coins as junk silver. They are often distinguished and described in terms of appearance compared to other silver coins. Junk silver coins’ edge does not show the telltale copper streak but appears silver all the way through. Some of the pre-1965 junk silver coins that contain 90 or 40 percent silver are the following:

  • Barber Half Dollar
  • Barber Quarter
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar
  • Franklin Half Dollar
  • Barber Dime
  • Kennedy Half Dollar
  • Standing Liberty quarter
  • Washington quarter
  • Seated Liberty Dime
  • Mercury Dime
  • Roosevelt Dime

Brief History

People previously used silver coins as legal tender. These coins are typically 90% silver and were generally minted before 196. Now, people refer to them as junk silver because they do not have numismatic or collector value. Also, people now buy them solely for silver content.

For centuries, silver has been used as a valuable commodity. However, until today, these coins made with silver, which are now called junk silver, still carry value beyond use in circulation.

Throughout history, even before 1965, some junk silver coins have been flooding the industry of silver coin-making. These include dimes, quarters, half-dollars, dollar coins, war nickels, and Canadian half dollars.

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