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The 40% silver coins mainly refer to Kennedy Half Dollars and Eisenhower Dollars. Although the US Bicentennial silver quarter was 40% silver, it was only available in mint or proof set. The Government never released them in general circulation. But until today, these coins form part of the most renowned coins issued by the US Mint.

Value of 40% Silver Coins

Since there were only two major 40% silver coins (the Eisenhower Silver Dollars and the Kennedy Half-Dollar coins), many coin collectors continued to clamor despite reducing silver content to 40%. But the silver coin still barely made it into circulation at that time. This is why Congress decided on using silver holdings on the currency that never circulated. As a result, the Treasury agreed to eliminate silver from the US currency. Although there were still very few 40% silver coins struck in 1970, their circulation was limited by the US Mint. 

These silver coins are primarily appraised based on their weight, melt value, or actual silver content. Although these coins are 40% silver coins, they still vary in weight and actual silver weight measured in troy ounces. First, the Eisenhower Dollar Coins weigh 24.59 grams with an actual silver content of 0.3161.

On the other hand, the Kennedy Half Dollar coins weigh 11.50 grams with 0.1479 troy ounces of silver content. This coin from the 1965-1970 half dollars had no mintmark. This means that it was minted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Since the coin’s silver content is a major consideration for valuation. Someone who owns and plans to sell it to a silver coin dealer should fully understand its valuation process. One crucial thing that you need to do is to make sure that you keep updated on the current spot price of silver, which changes every day due to the current demand and silver supply in the bullion industry. To learn more, click here:

Other Factors

There are many reasons why many customers prefer buying 40% silver coins over other coins. These include practicality, lower premiums than 90% silver, and critical years, especially if you are looking for a collector willing to pay more than its melt value. So if you want to sell your 40% silver quarters, you must deal with a buyer who would favor your coin’s collector value more than its melt value. That is why it is helpful that you keep the grading quality and condition of your silver quarters. Do not clean them if not necessary, for every thin layer of the coin removed from cleaning would mean lesser collector value. 

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Brief History

The US Mint started to issue coins containing 40% silver between 1965 and 1976. Before that, they only produced 90% silver quarters which they circulated widely. Consequently, President Lyndon Johnson issued and published the 1965 Coin Act, which authorized cease of the circulation of coins that contained 90% silver up to that time. President Johnson ultimately declared his plans to eliminate silver from US quarters and dimes and reduced the silver content to 40%. Then, in 1970, the Government stopped producing 90% silver coins altogether and maintained distributing 40% silver coins only.

Eisenhower & Kennedy Coins

Two of these 40% silver coins became very popular among coin collectors. First is the Eisenhower Silver Dollar, which contained 40% silver. The US Mint produced these from 1971 to 1974 and again in 1976. There were 18 mintings of the Eisenhower Silver Dollar. People pertain to some of the 18 mintings as the bicentennial reverse. There were 4 of these coins from the 1975 to 1976 releases. The US Mint sold these bicentennial dollars in special and proof sets featuring an “S” mintmark.

Throughout its consistent production for five years, the US Government strictly required silver coins to only contain 40% silver. According to historians, the US Mint’s dollar coins back then weighed about 14,500 tons altogether, which is almost the same as the Brooklyn Bridge’s weight.

The other famous 40% silver coin is the Kennedy Half Dollar, which varies in silver content from 1964 to 1970. From 1965 to 1970, the Mint reduced the percentage of fine silver in half dollar coins from 90% to 40%. Eventually, the new 40% silver Kennedy Half Dollars were produced and made from 79% copper and 21% silver in its inner layer, while the outside was clad with 80% silver and 20% copper. In total, the coin consisted of 40% silver. 

The Kennedy Half Dollar silver coins are commemorative coins of former President John F. Kennedy, produced between 1965 and 1970. The collection is a variety of silver half dollar coins which stemmed a month after the former United States President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1964 in Dallas, Texas. The motion to eliminate the Franklin half dollar design and create a coin to commemorate the former president was immediately passed by Congress and was known as Public Law 88-256. The famous sculptors of these coins were Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro.