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Chinese Silver Panda forms part of the series of silver bullion coins issued by the People’s Republic of China. Its design and size change every year. It comes in different sizes and denominations that range from 0.5 troy oz. to 1 kilogram. However, in 2016, the Chinese Government began transitioning the silver coin to metric sizes, reducing its weight. More importantly, this transition resulted in the reduction of the Chinese Silver Panda from 1 troy-ounce to 30 grams. Also, the 5-troy-ounce was reduced to 150 grams. Despite this, the Chinese Silver Panda coin still finds its place in the coin industry market for its captivating historical design and significance. 

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Value of Chinese Silver Panda

China stamps every Silver Panda coin with a corresponding face value, which is always relative to the coin’s size and weight. Particularly, for a one-kilogram-sized Silver Panda coin, it comes with a value of 300 Yuan. With the ¼ ounce version of the coin, three Yuan is its corresponding value.

Specifications such as weight, thickness, and diameter determine most of the coin’s face value. The value is mainly referring to the face value of the coin with respect to their sizes. This means that citizens can spend Silver Panda coins as legal tender in the People’s Republic of China. However, if you have these coins right now, you will not dare to spend them for some miscellaneous expenses because these coins’ bullion value is significantly higher than their face value. This is basically because the face value of the coin does not considerably affect its actual intrinsic value. 

The Chinese Silver Panda coins’ actual value is based on their demand and supply. Meanwhile, when it comes to determining the price of the coin as a bullion item, buyers consider the coin’s weight as a relative factor to its silver content. This means that the silver content of your coin dictates the price of your Silver Panda. Meanwhile, you can identify this silver content through the coin’s weight. Equally important, the coin’s size or weight ranges from 0.5 troy oz. to 1 kilogram.

In 2020, a perfect 1983 proof panda was considered the highest-priced coin worth around $16 430, while the highest-priced, non-proof coin is a perfect large-date 1991 panda worth approximately $3,100. Prices vary depending on the silver content and quality of the coin. To learn more about the spot price of silver, click here:

Brief History

The creation and production of the Chinese Silver Panda coins started in 1983 by the Chinese Shenzhen Guobao Mint. It has been part of the silver bullion coin series since 1983. China issued and distributed its first Silver Panda coins in 1984 and 1985, respectably, making those years rather significant in Chinese history. During these years, the coins were of proof quality containing a precious metal content of 27 grams of 0.900 fine silver with a diameter of 38.6 mm. A record of 10,000 silver bullion coins including the Chinese Silver Panda is minted each year. This consistent production of the Chinese Silver Panda gives the coin impressive popularity and a spot in the silver bullion industry. 

In addition, 1986 marked the non-production of Chinese Silver Panda coins in the Republic of China from its 10,000-mintage limit.

Back then, the Chinese Shenzhen Guobao Mint had to suspend its production of Silver Pandas due to the coin’s overwhelming demand and popularity. In 1987, the Silver Panda coins’ production and distribution continued. But this time, the silver coins were also minted in proof quality from 1 troy ounce of .925 fine sterling silver. Other mint facilities produced this coin, including Shanghai, Shenyang, and Shenzhen. All of these coins bear the same design except the mintage year. 

There were specific mintage years when there were minor alterations or modifications in the coin’s design. This includes the size of the date and the temple details of the coin. This is why there was a motion to deliberately determine the Chinese Silver Panda coin’s original design, which happened in 1996, when various mints produced the silver coin with minor changes in the font size of the date, particularly on the obverse of the coin. 

Design of the Chinese Silver Panda

Until 2015, the Chinese Silver Panda coins’ production was labeled with the stamp of their weight and level of purity, which is .000 fine silver. This made the coin very popular for such a long period of time, along with its creative design that changes every year of production. 

The coin’s obverse or front side features a depiction of a mother panda with her young cub. It also features Southern Beijing’s Chine “Temple of Heaven.” Throughout the production years, the coin contains the inscription of “The People’s Republic of China”. However, starting in 2015, the coin’s obverse no longer features any inscription regarding its weight and purity, particularly the word “ounce” or any notation to indicate it. The Chinese Silver Panda coins have adopted the metric system since then. 

In contrast, its reverse features a long-standing image of the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests. Since 1983, Silver Pandas have been the main profile of the coin in its reverse design. But the design of the Panda Bear changes every year. One interesting design made for this coin was in 2015 when the Panda Bear was portrayed as a bear chewing on a little piece of bamboo. It was also in that same year when the coin’s face value was indicated above the image. 


The Chinese Silver Pandas’ varieties included uncirculated, colored, gilded, proof, a privy mark for a commemorative issue, and extra wording of a special event. Every year, throughout the Silver Panda’s minting history, the Republic of China authorized the production of these different types of coins. At present, the Chinese Silver Panda continues to be in circulation in the silver bullion industry of the Republic of China. It is considered one of the most attractive ways of investment among coin collectors. This silver bullion coin market plays an indispensable role in the Republic of China’s economy, especially since they have investors around the world. 

In fact, the recent unique releases with specified mintage are the 2021 Chinese Silver Pandas. Truly, the Chinese Silver Panda is a symbol of national pride that continues to be one of the most sought-after silver bullion coins in the arena of global precious metals, bringing high marketability not only in China but around the world.