Interested in buying or selling your gold coins? Do you own a gold coin collection or have inherited a gold coin collection and want to sell them? Selling gold coins can seem like a daunting task. There are so many buyers and sellers around town who claim to be the best. We have over two decades of experience in gold coins market. Not only do we buy and sell coins, but also we have the reviews and experience to back up our claim of being the best. When it comes to gold coins there is a lot of information that goes along with trying to find out the value. Many gold coins are sent out for grading, which is an official way to evaluate and document a gold coin’s value. Grading looks at the overall condition of the coin, looks for scratches or markings, looks at the year of the coin, and looks to ensure the authenticity of the coin. The grading of gold coins occurs on a scale. The grading of gold coins can help determine the highest value a gold coin can sell for.

Buyers of gold coins who are experts in their field are called numismatists. They have in-depth knowledge and experience in the buying, selling, and collecting of gold coins. Gold coins have been around for centuries, thus it is important to go to a local buyer of coins, rather than to use an online retailer. A local buyer is quick and convenient. Our buyers will give you a free evaluation on your gold coins. Our buyers will buy or sell both domestic and international gold coins. Some of the more common domestic gold coins our buyers come across include the Liberty coins, American Eagle, and Indian gold coins. These domestic gold coins are stamped from the $2 to the $20 range. When it comes to international coins a buyer will be interested in Krugerrands, Swiss/British/French gold coins, Austrian philharmonics, gold ingots, Canadian Maple Leafs, and many more. When you bring your gold coins into sell, we will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your items. We will offer the highest value for your coins based on their condition and rarity. A buyer can detect altered or reproduction coins. Unfortunately, many dubious people try to sell these types of coins. Come into our store to find out the value of your gold coins and leave with cash in hand!