Buying Coin

At, we’ve been buying coin for over 30 years. Our associates are experts in the area of buying coin and our training is second to none. Buying coin is no easy task. It takes years of training and experience in the art of buying coin and the ability to do so comes from a heightened knowledge of the active coin markets and a comprehensive awareness in the overall production of coins from the United States and mints from around the world. When buying coin, our associates employ all of this knowledge and awareness, coupled with state of the art technology, to provide to customers the most amount of money possible when they choose to sell their coin. Buying coin from the public takes a quality trained eye and at that is exactly what we pride ourselves in having.

As a customer, buying coin should be done in earnest from equally trained experts. When you are buying coin from any collectible, precious metal or bullion dealer, you must exercise exact judgment and understanding of the coin markets as they pertain to buying coin that you desire. Buying coin for investment is no easy task as the markets often fluctuate in such a way that, in the short term, it might appear that one is losing money. Buying coin for investment needs to be approached from a long term perspective and, bearing this in mind, anyone who is in the market of buying coin can profit reasonably well. Buying coin for pleasure and collectability should never be confused with buying coin for investment. Collectible coins and low end coins meant to fill up a complete set of coins rarely will see investment potential in the short term or mid-term ranges. These sets are meant as a hobby and as long as they are approached in such a way, the hobbyist who is buying coin can garner great pleasure and satisfaction from the hobby. employs associates that are well trained in the art of buying coin and have years of practical experience in doing so. As stated before, buying coin is no easy task so put the experience and knowledge of’s team to work for you.