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We specialize in coins information. All types of coins: Gold, Silver, Platinum and Collectible coins. Browse Coins.vegas for the most updated, high quality precious metal coins information you’ll find on the web. We have information on different types of specific products. We also have images and videos to get you up-to-date on various information surrounding coins.

Coins have been used for centuries as currency all around the world. Coin currency has been made from a variety of metals- brass, copper, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Coins have also been minted throughout history to commemorate important or special events. Coins have often had a face or currency value, along with an intrinsic or numismatic value. It is this latter value that makes coins a desirable to collectors. When looking to buy or sell coins it is of the utmost importance to interact with a licensed and experienced dealer. There are many types of coin dealers to buy or sell from. You can purchase or sell coins from local, private, or online retailers. When buying or selling from an online coin retailer, there is a greater risk to get misinformation, replicate, or even falsified coins. When buying or selling coins one must do the research to ensure that they are in fact interacting with a legitimate coin dealer. We are a local store that specializes in buying both coins and jewelry. We employ numerous coin buyers. Our coin buyers are considered to be numismatic experts and have years of experience. A buyer in our stores will have knowledge of many types of coins.

Buyers in our stores are experienced in buying commemorative coins made of precious metals. A buyer in our store is also authorized to buy many types of other coins, both American or internationally minted. A buyer at our store can also provide information on where to have a coin officially graded to assure its monetary value. Our buyers deal in gold, silver, and platinum coins. A buyer will also purchase or sell bullion as well. We deal in all types of coins Morgans, Eagles, Liberty coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, Saint Gaudens, and many more. If you are looking to buy or sell your coins, we are the best locally rated dealer in the Las Vegas area.